While waiting on my book Remy to be edited, I am already working on book three in my Daughters of Texas series. For your reading pleasure, here’s a very short EXCERPT from book three entitled Tin Lizzy.

Enjoy, and be sure to sign up for email updates on my site so you’ll know when Remy launches, and you can read more of Tin Lizzy. -EF

[Tin Lizzy speaking to Remy]

# # # “I loved that man. I sure did,” I said. “Loved him hard for many years. Thought I was gonna’ grow old with him. But I kicked his ass down Main Street when I had to, Maelyn Mercury runnin’ beside me, getting in a punch wherever she could; and your Uncle Joss, tryin’ to catch up with us. I oughta’ have been embarrassed, but I wasn’t. Not for a damn minute. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Some people NEED a beat down, and that dog, Ban Raines, was one who did.” # # #

Etcee Fraser Mercury romance novel ebook

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