Now that my latest book, Mercury, is on the Amazon shelves and in my recent rear-view mirror, I am heart-deep in the story of Remy, Mercury Fordson’s daughter. Here’s a (very) short excerpt from Remy: A Daughters of Texas Novel–Book Two; enjoy!  -EF
“The Good News Is This”  (Remy’s Aunt Kay, speaking to Cash Dallas Bush)

Kay Broussard looked at me through narrowed eyes, measuring me, then began to speak. “I have loved Remy since the second she entered this world and for all her carefree ways and easy-going personality, she’s put in place an armor of steel around her heart. Steel will melt if the fire is hot enough, though, Mr. Bush; remember that. And the good news is this–loving a guarded girl like Remy is a beautiful thing. When she finally lets you in, it’s not because she needs you. Remy stopped “needing” people a long time ago. It’s because she wants you, and that is the purest love of all.”
Etcee Fraser Mercury romance novel ebook

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