Hey, peeps.  Happy Sunday.  After a hot Saturday, it’s a COLD SUNDAY in Texas.  Go figure.  As promised, here’s my movie star inspiration, and Lois Lane’s interview, with Maelyn Mercury Fordson. Stay tuned for more interviews with the characters of Mercury.  Enjoy!  -EF

My movie-star inspiration for Mercury was the beautiful Kate Beckinsale.

Here’s Mercury interview with Lois Lane.  

LOIS:  So, Mercury, before we get to the good stuff about Doc, tell me, in four words or less, what it’s like to be raised by southern women like Tin Lizzy and Aunt Kay?

MERCURY:  Oh, Lois, that’s easy—Schooled by Southern Savages.

LOIS:  OK, now, back to Doc. What did you think when you first laid eyes on Jep Monroe?

MERCURY:  I knew I wanted him. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted with him, but I wanted him nonetheless.

LOIS:  Doc has said “she had me from ‘hello.” Was it love at first sight for you?

MERCURY: No, ma’am. At the time I met Doc, I had stopped believing in that kind of love, but he came barreling into my life and stole my heart before I could blink an eye.

LOIS:  You’ve obviously got a fiery personality, while Doc seems a bit laid back. If the fireworks started between y’all, do you think you could take him in a fight?

MERCURY:  Hell no, Lois, but that doesn’t make me quiet down any faster. I just keep on pushing with Doc, and he just keeps on acting like I’m “high strung.”

LOIS:  So tell me, Mercury, when you hear Doc’s deep, sexy drawl, just what image does that conjure up for you?

MERCURY:  pauses…Lois, I can hear my Aunt Kay telling me—“Mae Merc, don’t you be saying anything about what that conjures up for you!” So, I will just say this—Doc’s drawl brings about many exciting images for me.

LOIS:  What’s your favorite thing about Doc?

MERCURY:  The way he’s able to handle me. You see, Lois, most men really wouldn’t know what to do with a woman like me; they would run when the going got tough! Doc, he holds me tight with one hand, like I am his Queen, and ropes me in with the other when I get “fire shooting outta’ my ass” mad.

LOIS:  Do you hear wedding bells ringing in the near future?

MERCURY:  I don’t know about any wedding bells, but I know I was made to love Doc, and I will do that until my last day.

LOIS:  Mercury, thank you for speaking with me.  If you ever get tired of Doc—well, give him my number.


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