I’m over-the-moon happy about the cover for  my new book, Mercury.  It totally captures my sassy Mercury.  A huge thanks to Robin Brown of Cowgirl Dreams Co for allowing me to purloin her likeness to grace the cover of my book.  I ran across the image while trolling Pinterest and knew immediately that I had to have it for my book cover. So, I contacted Robin and got the ball rolling. Robin said her husband snapped this image, so, KUDOS to him for this gorgeous shot of a beautiful woman.  After you’ve drooled over my beautiful book cover, take yourself on over to Robin’s Facebook page – Cowgirl Dreams, and her website – www.cowgirldreamsco.com – where you’ll find lots more beautiful things to drool over (like a cute tank top with the words “Pure Badassery” emblazoned across the front!), along with an inspiring message or two!
Mercury harlequin romance novel ebook
Etcee Fraser Mercury romance novel ebook

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