For “Sneak-Peak Saturday,” here’s a short excerpt from Remy. 

(Remy) “Go With The One You Know; It’s Safer That Way”

Reed had picked me up around seven o’clock, and after a quick stop at Johnny’s Whip-In Market for mints–Reed was addicted to mints–we were on our way to Shooters for our usual Friday night hook-up.

Reed Mullins and I had grown up together.  We had married each other in a ceremony on Main Street, in front of my mother’s store, the Junk Chic Boutique.  The bride wore white and the groom was decked out in cargo shorts and a T-shirt. We were in the first grade. Reed was comfortable; safe.  I didn’t have to worry that he would take my heart and twist it into something I wouldn’t recognize and couldn’t recover from.  He was a pretty boy. Tall and lanky, with beautiful wavy, sable brown hair like McDreamy in “Grey’s Anatomy,” Reed had pouty lips, a dark fringe of eyelashes, and impeccable taste in clothing, food and women. I liked to think I had been grandfathered in on that “beautiful women” thing. We had kept in touch after Reed went off to college at the University of Texas in Austin, and now that he was back home in Buckle, working with his dad in the family business until he decided on a career path, we had picked up where we left off. Falling into our old pattern of texting/talking a few times a week and religiously hooking up on Friday nights  for dinner, a movie, dancing, or whatever else we could find to do.

Was I in love with Reed? It was hard to say.

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