I am a widow, a “hunting widow,” that is.  Every year, from early October until, usually, right before sunset on Christmas Eve, my dear husband (“DH”) is, to put it mildly, ate up with hunting. He usually makes about four trips a year to his deer lease, stays about a week on each trip, and in between trips, he’s strategizing about how to kill the big buck, so he’s somewhat emotionally unavailable. During my hunting widow period, the beautiful easy chair in my living room is stacked with the detritus of a hunter – camo, camo, and some camo.  Camo backpack, duffle bag, range finder, cap, knives, snake boots, pants, belts – you get the picture. On the shelf in the laundry room where I store my Tide HE suddenly appears several bottles of “No Scent” laundry detergent and the stray bottle of deer urine (gotta’ watch out for that stuff!). On the kitchen and bathroom counters, the bedroom nightstands, and occasionally on the back of the toilet, can be found all manners of ammo – shotgun shells, 30.06 bullets, .223 ammo – you name it and it will be found laying around my house during hunting [widow] season.  Being a hunting widow is not entirely a bad thing, though.


When DH finally decamps in October for bow season, I am suddenly free. Free of the need to feed DH, free of the need to make sure he has clean underwear, free of the need to search for that “water bladder” he used last year.  I am free to sleep late, go to bed late, or early, as the case may be, free to eat a bag of chips for dinner, free to binge-watch HGTV, Criminal Minds and The Andy Griffith Show.  Make no mistake, I  DO miss DH, but not nearly enough to keep him from doing what he loves.  And, I REALLY look forward to the “me time” – time for slumber parties with my women – boxers and tees, Vanilla Crown and Coke, sweet tea, chips and hot sauce, and a whole lotta’ laughter/selfies.  Time to sit in silence, with no one asking “Have you seen my …?, time to read, time to WRITE MY ROMANCES, time to dream up my next heroine. The life of a hunting widow, it’s (mostly) a good thing.  -EF

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